Welcome to Learning Playground-OC Daycare!

We are an Eco-Friendly daycare!  My goal is to provide the highest quality, early education and care through the utilization of organic and all natural resources, practices and products.

I strive to offer a fun, safe and loving environment for children, while encouraging social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

I believe in raising children to be environmentally conscious even at an early age to establish a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

LPOC is designed to inspire children in developing important values such as: good manners, compassion, honesty, kindness and generosity as well as communication and teamwork.

We strongly believe in balance.  For example, children will be provided with ample time for free play, during which they are encouraged to investigate their own ideas and skills; they are also encouraged to participate in group learning and projects.

Likewise, children are able to be free thinkers, and also to be conscious of their community and their personal impact.

I am committed to having thoughtful relationships with families, and strive to exist in a welcoming environment.  Our aim is to bridge the space between home and daycare in a meaningful and authentic way.

Lic # 304311998